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Business on the continent is booming and if recent projections are anything to go by, this trend is likely to continue.

With numerous cities across Africa powering economic growth, astute entrepreneurs and eager investors are combining forces to create booming business cities.

But no matter where in the world you are setting up shop, there are always hurdles and challenges – but where there’s risk, there’s also big potential for your business to find success.

Over the next few months, we’ll be focusing on different African cities looking at what it takes to turn an idea into reality. And we need you’re help.

Starting in Nigeria’s most populous city, Lagos, we’re asking you to tell us:

Using the hashtag #CNNLagos tell us about the good, the bad and the ugly of launching a business there. We want to know specifics! What are the things you love about launching your startup in Lagos? Or are there certain advantages or challenges to being an entrepreneur there?

Join us and tweet us your experiences, thoughts and ideas and you could be featured on

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