White House Correspondents' dinner: Hollywood stars dish at D.C. brunch

DC meets Hollywood at WHCD garden brunch
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    DC meets Hollywood at WHCD garden brunch


DC meets Hollywood at WHCD garden brunch 02:11

Washington (CNN)Ask a bunch of Hollywood stars to name Republican presidential hopefuls and you start getting a lot of "ums" and beelines for the nearest exit.

But you'll also get some surprisingly complete lists -- from actors like "Veep"' star Timothy Simons and "State of Affairs" star Alfre Woodard.
Others, like Constance Zimmer of "House of Cards" are more blunt: She doesn't care about the Republicans because she's all in for Hillary Clinton.
That was the scene Saturday at the Garden Brunch, a pre-White House Correspondents' Association Dinner ritual that saw members of Congress, D.C. media personalities and Hollywood stars meet under the roof of the same Georgetown home.
    The celebrities that swarmed Washington, D.C. this weekend for the dinner weren't always stuck discussing politics though during the party-filled weekend that brings together the two worlds of entertainment and politics -- a weekend where Tammy Haddad, the brunch's host, said she witnessed National Security Advisor Susan Rice riding in a golf cart with "Homeland"'s Rupert Friend, who plays a CIA operative in the show.
    While some celebrities struggle to name their favorite politician, others were giddy with excitement.
    "I would love that...That would be so cool," said actor Michael Kelly, who plays a White House chief of staff in "House of Cards," of getting the chance to meet Denis McDonough -- who actually holds that position.
    Washington: The place where Hollywood comes to feel star-struck.
    And while D.C. and the Hollywood productions that portray the power hub don't always line up -- they certainly meshed in new ways on Saturday.
    Kelly said he's ready to do what it takes to get Clinton elected.
    "If she asks me to knock on a door, I'll knock on a door for her. I love her. I think the world of her," Kelly said.
    But asked whether he or his notoriously ruthless character Doug Stamper would do the door-knocking, Kelly deadpanned in Doug Stamper form:
    "Whatever she asks me to do."