Your photos from the Nepal earthquake

Updated 10:03 AM ET, Mon April 27, 2015
Nepal irpt StilesNepal irpt Stiles
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A massive earthquake centered less than 50 miles from Kathmandu rocked Nepal with devastating force early Saturday. Hundreds have been killed. Americans Rob and Kari Stiles in Kathmandu described the scene as a "war zone." Kari and Rob Stiles
The couple said that people are calm and in the streets and parks, staying away from buildings. Kari and Rob Stiles
Kari Stiles posted to Facebook that they are "camped out in the middle of a street staying away from anything that could crumble down on us." Kari and Rob Stiles
American Jesse Anderson captured residents forming a line to remove debris in searching for survivors about an hour after the earthquake. Jesse Anderson
Anderson, a freelance photographer and travel writer, was in his hotel room when the quake struck. Jesse Anderson
Anderson took the photos on the main road between Thamal and Durbar Squares in Kathmandu.
Anderson photographed people being treated in makeshift hospitals. Jesse Anderson
David Young was traveling through mountains into the Kathmandu Valley when the quake struck. David Young
Young, an American who lives in Nepal, took images of destruction. David Young
Streets showed signs of substantial cracking and damage.
Young says people gathered in the street after the quake and repeated aftershocks. David Young
Jonathan Khoo's photo shows downed power lines and people gathering in the street. Jonathan Khoo
Twitter user Binod Ghimire took this image of the collapsed Dharahara Tower -- also known as the Bhimsen Tower -- a Kathmandu landmark dating back to 1832. Binod Ghimire