Infertility advice from iReporters

Updated 11:35 AM ET, Mon April 25, 2016
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"Infertility is such an unspoken disease; people feel shame and hide it. I did too at first, until I met the women in my 'support group' and they made me realize I wasn't alone. It's such a terrifying and lonely experience -- but it doesn't have to be so hush-hush anymore," said Michelle Sukhdeo, seen here with her daughter, Emily, and husband, Hemendra. Click through our gallery to read more words of wisdom from couples who have experienced infertility. Courtesy Michelle Sukhdeo
"If you are part of a couple who is experiencing infertility, take time to work on yourself and your relationship. The weight that infertility stress adds to your relationship is like no other. Make sure between the tests, treatments, disappointments and joys, you remember your partner and check in with his or her emotions," iReporter Lauren Bennett said. Courtesy Lauren Bennett
"A greater tragedy than a broken dream is a life forever defined by one. You can start again if you ultimately don't succeed in having a child," iReporter Sheridan Voysey said. Courtesy Sheridan Voysey
"I find laughter to be the best medicine, which is why I brought lightness to the topic by poking fun of myself throughout the whole process. If you can laugh over it, you can control it in some way," iReporter Hilary Duncan said. Courtesy Hilary Duncan
"If you feel like something isn't right, follow your instincts. We, as women, know our bodies. We know when something is wrong. Don't trust anyone to tell you everything is fine if you are concerned. Seek a second opinion," iReporter Katherine Green said. Courtesy Katherine Green
"Take care of yourself throughout this process. It is OK to turn down invites to parties and showers. It is OK to let others know you need space. There is no right way to walk this path, so give yourself what you need when you need it," iReporter Kellie Klinck said. Courtesy Kellie Klinck
"Especially in the African-American community, I wanted to know I wasn't alone in this with my own people. I want to let people know that we are here and going through the exact same thing that they are going through. Sometimes it helps to just know that you aren't alone," iReporter Brandy M. Hubbard said. Courtesy Brandy M. Hubbard
"There is life during and after infertility, even when there is no baby to show for it. The sun can still rise on your life and shine on your marriage. And I am not saying to just pretend that it's OK, but rather to acknowledge your highs and your lows and to embrace it all the best you can," iReporter Kristyanna Wolfe said. Courtesy Kristyanna Wolfe
"You are enough just as you are. Your life is defined by what you do and how deeply you love. When someone says something stupid or unintentionally unkind, smile and walk away. Most people don't know how to help or comfort you in your struggle. Ignore barbs from the well-meaning," iReporter Constance Scharff said. Courtesy Ahuva Batya Scharff
"Each and every one of us is surrounded by friends and family capable of more love and support than we'd have ever imagined. Be strong and remember that for every five couples boasting about pregnancy on Facebook, there is another one exactly like you, wondering why it hasn't happened yet," iReporter Andrew Newcomb said. Courtesy Andrew Newcomb
"It's OK to be scared, sad, angry, jealous and bitter, but don't live in those moments for an extended period of time. Feel those emotions when they arise, but only allow them to surface temporarily; don't hold on to them for very long, or they will consume you," iReporter Jessica Dawson said. Courtesy Jessica Dawson