Rand Paul and Harry Reid fist bump in sunglasses on Senate floor

Rand Paul and Harry Reid fist bump while wearing sunglasses on the Senate floor.

Washington (CNN)At the end of a long day in the Senate on Wednesday, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, donned a pair of sunglasses as he approached the Senate floor and went in for a fist bump with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada.

Immediately following the fist bump, Paul proceeded to remove his shades with a smile and shrug as colleagues looked on.
Reid's sunglasses have been a mainstay during public appearances on the Hill following an accident involving exercise equipment that left him unable to see in one eye.
    This comes just off the news that Ray-Ban asked Paul's campaign to stop selling their wayfarers with the "Rand" logo on them. The campaign did not have Ray-Ban's consent, according to an email a spokesperson sent to The Hill.
    The product has since been pulled from his campaign site but shades remain a part of Paul's style -- at least on the Senate floor Wednesday.
    Check out the whole interaction.