Man rescued after falling off D.C. subway platform

(CNN)Two men are being called heroes by transit officials in Washington after they rescued a man who fell off a subway platform. But, at this point, no one knows who they are.

Tuesday afternoon, a man in a motorized wheelchair fell off the platform at a downtown Metro station onto an active train track. Surveillance video shows the man driving his wheelchair and then unexpectedly veering off the platform and falling face first on the tracks.
Seconds later two men quickly jumped off the platform and onto the tracks to rescue the motionless man. D.C. Metro officials say the man was 54 years old and suffered facial injuries and a bloody mouth.
Officials don't know what caused the man to fall but believe the incident was an accident. The injured man was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries, Metro officials said.
    There were no trains in the immediate area, according to officials, but the three men were dangerously close -- just two feet -- to the electrified third rail that provides power for the trains.
    Metro officials say the identities of the two good Samaritans are unknown.