Journeys through infertility

Updated 4:29 PM ET, Wed April 27, 2016
infertility irpt mortoninfertility irpt morton
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In 2015, Caitlin and Jeff Morton struggled to find the answer behind why they encountered infertility, even as they felt perfectly healthy. Courtesy Caitlin Morton
In 2016, after getting another medical opinion, the Mortons finally have an answer. But they have to decide their next step and examine "just being husband and wife and being OK with that as our family." Courtesy Caitlin Morton
In 2015, Chris and Amy Skaggs shared how they endured "IVF, international adoption, domestic adoption, birth, death and even a donor" on their journey before having Jaxon and Olivia. Courtesy Skaggs family
In 2016, the Skaggses are enjoying raising Jaxon, now 4, and Olivia, 2, while trying to decide what they do with remaining frozen embryos. Courtesy Chris Skaggs
After painful infertility difficulties, Todd and Tiffany Ray adopted Kassidy in 2015. Courtesy Jenni Grace Photography
In March, the Rays celebrated Kassidy's adoption or "gotcha" day, as well as her birthday. They are looking to adopt another child; they want her to have a sibling. Courtesy Tiffany Ray
When Nikki and Matt Cobleigh realized that they couldn't have children on their own, they turned to a surrogate, Angela Haymond. In 2015, they shared the story of how the two families forged an incredible bond. Courtesy Nikki Cobleigh
Although they haven't seen each other as often in 2016, the Cobleighs still visit Angela and her sons when they can, and Angela is a surrogate for another couple. Courtesy Angela Haymond