Ohio Buckeyes blitz White House

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama welcomed the Ohio State University Buckeyes at the White House on Monday to celebrate their victory at the College Football Playoff National Championship.

"It was an exciting season from start to finish and to say that Ohio State's path to the title felt improbable at times would be an understatement," Obama said.
This visit follows a call Obama made to the team's coach, Urban Meyer, in January after the big win.
"I'm just saying, President Obama asked how was my daughter Chloe AND called me 12Guage, no big deal," tweeted sophomore Cardale Jones.
    Obama complimented several players, including Jones, for their championship game performance.
    "Cardale Jones is not your average third-string quarterback," Obama said. "Anybody with a nickname like '12 Gauge' has to be taken seriously."
    Linebacker Joe Burger used Twitter to get advice ahead of the big visit, asking, "Biggest question of the day, go for the regular handshake with @BarackObama or go for the dap?"
    "@jburgs37 @barackobama I'm goin in for a hug," Burger's teammate, defensive tackle Mike Bennett, responded with a third option.
    Burger ended up going with a hand shake he later tweeted.
    Obama praised Meyer for making a third visit to the White House as a head coach.
    "Pretty impressive" Obama said. "I've only done it twice -- and for the same team both times."
    Meyer was there following his 2007 and 2008 wins with the Florida Gators -- allowing him to meet both Obama and his predecessor, George W. Bush.
    After Monday's visit Meyer told a group of reporters that this was one of his most memorable visits.
    Ohio State is the first team to win the College Football championship under a playoff system.
    Before, teams competed in the BCS championship game which was made up of two teams. The new playoff system is now a four-team system that consists of two national semifinal games and a final.