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NEW: U.S. military doesn't have further information to evaluate the Iraqi media reports

Al-Douri's body arrives in Baghdad where DNA samples are taken

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri was the highest-ranking member of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's regime to evade capture

Baghdad, Iraq CNN —  

Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, a former top deputy to Saddam Hussein and more recently a key figure in Sunni extremist groups battling the Iraqi government, has been killed in a security operation in that country, Iraqi state-run television reported Friday.

Al-Douri was the highest-ranking member of Hussein’s regime to evade capture – the “King of Clubs” in a deck of playing cards used by American troops to identify the most-wanted regime officials.

He also was a man thought to have led the post-Hussein Sunni extremist group Naqshbandi Army. Military analysis website says the Naqshbandi Army supports ISIS, which has taken over parts of Iraq and Syria.

Al-Douri was killed in an operation by Iraqi security forces and Shia militia members in the Hamrin Mountains between Tikrit and Kirkuk, Iraq, Shia militia commander Hadi al-Ameri said.

That militia is a predominantly Shiite fighting group that worked with Iraqi troops earlier this month to liberate the Iraqi city of Tikrit from ISIS.

The death of al-Douri was also reported by the governor of Salahuddin province, Raid al-Jubouri, who spoke by phone on Iraqi television.

Al-Douri’s body arrived Friday in Baghdad, where DNA samples were taken to confirm the identity, said the spokesman of another Shiite militia called Hashd Shaabi in an interview with state-run Iraqiya TV.

DNA test results could be available in 48 hours, Hashd Shaabi spokesman Yousuf al-Kilabi told the outlet.