Chalk artist creates masterpieces on streets of China

Check out the Mona Lisa... in chalk!
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    Check out the Mona Lisa... in chalk!


Check out the Mona Lisa... in chalk! 00:41

(CNN)Artist Cong LanGui uses the streets of China as his canvas.

He says he never aspired for fame, but his chalk works of art are quickly becoming recognizable across the country. Chinese netizens have been sharing photos of his drawings on social media.
The 53-year-old from China's eastern Shandong Province has been living on the streets for several decades, after his leg was amputated due to an illness.
He now spends his days sketching incredible likenesses of figures from history -- past and present.
    Some of the most recognizable portraits include German-born physicist Albert Einstein, U.S. President Barack Obama, China's First Lady Peng Liyuan and an imitation of Leonardo di Vinci's "Mona Lisa."
    Many of his pieces get posted on his Weibo account -- the Chinese version of Twitter.
    The "Mona Lisa" makes a recurring appearance.
    Cong has left his chalk marks across several cities in China.
    While he says he never asks for money, admirers of his work often leave donations by his drawings.
    Cong says that is what allows him to continue doing what he loves.