Jeb Bush drives his 'own car' to Chipotle

Concord, New Hampshire (CNN)Jeb Bush on Thursday made took a swipe at Hillary Clinton's high-profile visit to Chipotle last week, saying he cooks his own Mexican food at home, just like he does other things on his own.

"Do I go there? Yeah, I go there," Bush told reporters while taking a bite of some blueberry pie at a GOP event in Concord, New Hampshire. "Drive my own car. Park my own car. Get out of my own car."
"We normally cook our own Mexican food at home -- it's pretty good," he added.
    The not-so-subtle dig referenced Clinton's stop at Chipotle while driving to Iowa this week. She and her staff went to the restaurant south of Toledo, Ohio, that went largely unnoticed by the restaurant workers. Security footage of her at the counter sporting large sunglasses has since been made public.
    Bush also responded to comments made by potential rival Gov. Chris Christie, who said in an interview on NBC's "Today" that Bush's momentum was a "train that has slowed down."
    "I'm not into the process side of this," Bush said, when asked to respond to Christie's remarks. "I'm excited about the possibility of running. I'm learning. Trying to garner the level of support I have. There will be a long time to talk about the differences should this become a campaign."