Tombstone of Hillary Clinton's father is found knocked over

Was Rodham family headstone vandalized?
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    Was Rodham family headstone vandalized?


Was Rodham family headstone vandalized? 01:28

Story highlights

  • Hugh Rodham's tombstone is found tipped over in Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • It was reported two days after Hillary Clinton announced her presidential bid

(CNN)Was it politics or something else?

No one is sure, but the headstone of Hillary Clinton's father, Hugh Rodham, was found tipped over this week, just a couple of days after she announced her run for the White House.
"It was just laying down just right like that, boom," Paul McGloin told CNN affiliate WNEP. "I pass here five, six times a day because I live two blocks from here and when I looked I couldn't believe it, to see that it was tipped over."
    McGloin said he's tended to the grave site at the Washburn Street Cemetery in Scranton, Pennsylvania, since Rodham was buried there in 1993.
    Police are investigating, but no other headstones were knocked over.
    Police Chief Carl Graziano told The Scranton Times-Tribune that he suspects vandalism.
    "I'm not sure how else it would have fallen over," he said.
    Still, police will look into the possibility that it was weather-related.
    Funeral director Neil Regan also said vandalism is the most-likely cause, not the weather.
    "The more I thought about it, there were no serious winds or weather events," he said. "Paul McGloin told me he had driven by here 8 o'clock (Monday) morning and the stone was in place."
    McGloin believes it's no coincidence that it happened within days of Clinton announcing her second presidential bid.
    "And all of a sudden the headstone is tipped over, two days later," he said. "As long as I`ve been coming here, the headstone has been pretty secure around the base of it."