Supreme summoning: Chief Justice John Roberts called for jury duty

Updated 11:56 AM EDT, Thu April 16, 2015
PHOTO: Getty Images
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Most Americans often seek ways to avoid jury duty. But one potential juror in Maryland on Wednesday morning had quite the excuse.

Chief Justice John Roberts was seen at a Montgomery County courthouse performing his civic duty as a prospective juror for a car crash case, according to a report first published by The Washington Post.

Although Roberts ultimately was not chosen to serve on a jury, that’s probably just as well, because oral arguments before the Supreme Court are scheduled to last through April 29.

The Post reported that Roberts answered questions regarding his relatives, and told the local court that his sister is a nurse in Indiana and his brother-in-law is with the Indiana State Police.

As chief justice, Roberts assigns writing duties to other justices and performs other important administrative duties for the nation’s highest court, a job that doesn’t lend itself to periodic absences.

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This is not the first time in recent memory that a Supreme Court justice has been called as a potential juror in a lower court. Justice Elena Kagan has been summoned twice in the District of Columbia, but was not chosen either time.