P!nk to body haters: 'Please don't worry about me'

P!ink told her Twitter followers not to worry about her weight, because she doesn't.

Story highlights

  • P!nk took to Twitter to address online comments about her body
  • Her "squishiness" is a result of happiness, she says

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The Internet is always quick to dish out judgmental opinions, such as the body-hate people showed to singer P!nk after she posted a photo of herself in a black dress she wore to a cancer benefit this past weekend (which, if you ask us, was pretty fantastic, and she looked fabulous in it.)
As a woman with a lot of experience singing to her detractors, though, she knew exactly what to say and how to say it. And when it came to keeping her tongue firmly in cheek while she schooled people who had nothing better to do than be totally rude, she owned it.