Brooklyn, Iowa CNN  — 

Hillary Clinton kicked off her Brooklyn, New York, headquartered presidential campaign on Sunday, but what she and her staff may not realize is that there is already a campaign HQ in Brooklyn.

Iowa, that is.

Standing on W. Front Street in Brooklyn, Iowa, is a nondescript building with a few small windows and red, white and blue lights outside. Above the door, the building is identified as “Campaign HQ,” a company that is “Now Hiring!!”

The business has little to do with Clinton, who currently finds herself road tripping from New York to Iowa for the first event of her presidential campaign.

But it may affect her in the coming months. The Midwest campaign HQ is actually a conservative call center that makes fundraising calls for national tea party groups and Republican candidates.

A cheery media representative for the company declined to talk to CNN and wouldn’t detail the company’s clients because of confidentiality agreements. But a staffer who greeted CNN and was aware he was speaking to a reporter said the group did work for Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican presidential candidate.

The company’s website says it is “the #1 conservative call center in America” and a place that will “find passionate people and train them to communicate your message over the phone, in person, and via social media, to produce amazing results.”

The people of Brooklyn, Iowa, are keenly aware of their bigger brother to the east. An employee at a hardware store in Brooklyn with population 1,468, said the town located on I-80 regularly hosts people from Brooklyn, New York, population 2.51 million, who stop by to take pictures and buy Brooklyn swag.

The popular t-shirt company, RAYGUN, has even made light of the two Brooklyns.

Cribbing a famous Beastie Boys song, the store sells a t-shirt that simply reads: “No sleep ‘til” with a map of Iowa and a dot on the tiny Brooklyn.