Rowers attacked by flying Asian carp

vo flying fish ireport asian carp_00003625
vo flying fish ireport asian carp_00003625


    Rowers attacked by flying fish


Rowers attacked by flying fish 01:00

Story highlights

  • Rowing team at Washington University attacked by flying carp
  • Member of the team caught the attack on video

(CNN)It was a typical practice day for the Washington University of rowing team, but then danger came from beneath.

The scene was Creve Coeur Lake outside of St. Louis early Friday morning.
The team's boat got near the dock, when suddenly a swarm of Asian carp emerged from the water and went on the attack, some even going into the boat.
    Team member Devin Patel described the moment of terror: "The fish was flopping on my legs. It was so slippery that I couldn't get a grip on it."
    Patel screamed at teammate Yoni David, "Yoni, get it off me!"
    Thankfully, no rowers were injured during the ordeal, but the strong smell of fish lingered in the moments afterward.
    Watch iReporter Benjamin Rosenbaum's video above.