Social media reacts to Clinton's announcement (and that logo)

Story highlights

  • Response across social media led to multiple trending topics for Hillary Clinton's presidential announcement
  • Some responded to her video and her new campaign logo

(CNN)Once Hillary Clinton's official announcement went online, social media responded in a big way, with terms like "Hillary Clinton," "#Hillary2016," and yes, even "#WhyImNotVotingforHillary" trending.

Certainly, you couldn't go far on Twitter (even before Clinton tweeted her announcement), without an opinion or thought on her new campaign (there were over 3 million views of her announcment tweets in one hour, and 750,000 Facebook video views so far by Sunday evening).
Some tweeted their immediate support, with one word:
    Others were a tad more verbose.

    Hillary Clinton is running for prez.. She A G def voting for her. Bill is a real one.. #realtalk #hoodpolitics

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    Others were less than impressed, of course, or found the whole thing anticlimactic:
    And there were those tweeting #WhyImNotVotingforHillary:
    Along came the remixes and memes:
    Yes, that brand new campaign logo got a lot of reaction: Wikileaks even claimed it was stolen.
    Leave it also to social media to be the ultimate editor: there was an unfortunate typo in Clinton's press release.