Kids meeting their baby siblings

By Daphne Sashin, CNN

Updated 11:16 AM ET, Sun April 10, 2016
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CNN invited readers last year to share photos of children with their new siblings. Here, Cecelia, 2, meets baby Sullivan. "Cece is very possessive of her little brother. 'He's mine' or 'my brother' or 'my Sully' are her favorite things to say to strangers when we are out together in public." -- Cary Chadwick, Higganum, Connecticut Cary Chadwick/CNN iReport
"This was my husband's first day back at work and my first day alone with two babies under 2. Overwhelmed didn't even begin to describe how I was feeling. It was 2 p.m. and I was finally getting around to brushing my teeth, so I laid Nora in my bed. When I came out of the bathroom, Jack had climbed up into the bed with her." -- Emily Thomas, Marietta, Georgia Emily Thomas/CNN iReport
"We worried that since the first one was still basically a baby herself, she'd be jealous about the new baby crowding her turf. Luckily, they've been best buds since their first meeting." -- Andrea Jones, Atlanta, Georgia Andrea Jones/CNN iReport
"My wife and I were worried how he would react to having a baby sister. We had our baby girl Emma on February 28. She is beautiful, but is a little colicky. The first thing my son did when we came home was put his hands out to hold her." -- Michael Galarza, Staten Island, New York Michael Galarza/CNN iReport
"My son had been born at home at 4 a.m. while Julia was sleeping in the front bedroom. My husband brought her in when she woke up and she immediately kissed her baby brother. ... Then she couldn't stop staring in amazement at him." -- Jennifer Prescott, Tustin, California Jennifer Prescott/CNN iReport
"Our oldest daughter was less than thrilled when meeting her baby sister for the first time. ... I can only imagine what was going through Tenny's mind." -- Andrea Brown, Tulsa, Oklahoma Courtesy Ann Bennett Photography
"The first few days he would cry and scream, 'I don't want Mommy to hold baby Brody!' He still has his moments, but he's accepted that Brody is sticking around." -- Sarah Hager, Louisville, Kentucky Sarah Hager/CNN iReport
"Chloe loves giving hugs and kisses to Caleb. She's also the first one to jump in and console Caleb when he is upset. ... Although there's a big age gap between them, I think Chloe will always be a nurturing big sister." -- Marie Cabanlig, Burnaby, British Columbia Marie Cabanlig/CNN iReport
"Brooklyn was very interested in her, and he would look deep into her eyes." -- Brad Beard, Vestavia, Alabama Brad Beard/CNN iReport
"She was a real live baby doll as far as my oldest was concerned. She thought she was so cute and would have lots of dresses." -- Katie OBrien, Glens Falls, New York
"A half-hour later, Jaden was still just staring at her, just as she is in the picture, mesmerized. Every so often she would reach down and touch Lilly-Belle's hair in pure amazement." -- Mike Bernstein, Charlotte, North Carolina Mike Bernstein/CNN iReport
"We were all a little worried about whether Anthony would feel threatened by the new arrival, especially because he and his stepdad are very close, and during my pregnancy, he would often ask whether my husband was glad to have 'a real son' -- to which my husband would always reply that he was happy to have 'another son.' When Anthony met Preston, it was love at first sight." -- Julia Scheppach, Aliso Viejo, California Julia Scheppach/CNN iReport
"This being my third cesarean delivery, they were adequately prepped on being gentle with both Mommy and baby once baby arrived. This picture was taken as they sat in my hospital bed, pillows all propped up, proudly sporting their big brother and big sister shirts." -- Robyn Augustine, Monroe, Connecticut Robyn Augustine/CNN iReport
"Anna thought it was very strange that her new toy baby moved and made noises. She also kept asking when the baby's mommy was going to come get her." -- Crystal Lloyd, Ridgecrest, California Crystal Lloyd/CNN iReport
"He was so excited to see a baby at home, he kept on trying to hug, kiss and hold him. Of course, then he started to realize that Nathan wasn't here as a visitor, but a new member of our family." -- Gina J. Chan, Braintree, Massachusetts Gina J. Chan/CNN iReport
"It took several days for him to get anywhere near the new baby, and 10 days for him to hold his brother for three seconds before he handed him back to me and said, 'Mama, when is that baby going to get his own parents?'" -- Britten Nelson, Seattle, Washington Britten Nelson/CNN iReport
"Edison was so excited to meet his baby brother. Every picture we own shows him touching Donovan in some sweet way. Two years later, we lost our dear Edison. We know he continues to watch over Baby D, his brovey." -- Jennifer Ruef, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Jennifer Ruef/CNN iReport
"Josie was so proud to be this baby's big sister. She stared at her and held her like she never wanted to let go." -- Justine Collado, Prince William County, Virginia Justine Collado/CNN iReport
"While pregnant with my daughter, my son loved to watch 'A Baby Story' on TLC. He was very excited to become a big brother. There was an African-American family featured on an episode we watched early in my pregnancy, and from then on he just knew he was going to have an African-American brother, and wasn't afraid to tell everyone. ... Needless to say, he was more than devastated." -- Jessica Conway, Derby, Kansas Jessica Conway/CNN iReport
"She was just so amazed at how tiny he was." -- Anita Thomas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Baby King, born three months early, is still in the NICU but thriving.)
"We struggled for years with fertility issues, and we just did not know if having a second baby would ever be a reality. It was difficult, especially because Maggie desperately wanted a sibling so much ... The moment she saw us, she slowly approached the bed, lovingly looked into my arms and whispered so preciously, 'Hello, Brother.'" -- Jannan Bland, Katy, Texas Jannan Bland/CNN iReport
"The baby was hiccuping and Giacomo took Giada out of her mother's arms and said, 'Let me do it'." -- Maria Verdini, Ventura, California Melea King/CNN iReport
"They came into the hospital room and were so overwhelmed with happiness and love. My son had tears in his eyes and my daughter couldn't stop kissing her new baby brother." -- Stephanie Kucmerowski, Hamlin, New York Stephanie Kucmerowski/CNN iReport
"The fact that Jack is showing Lucy his precious dinosaur is proof of the immediate bond between brother and sister." -- Etan Horowitz, Atlanta, Georgia Etan Horowitz/CNN