Fill 'er up: B-Y-O-Cup Slurpee Day is Saturday

On Saturday, 7-Eleven stores will let customers bring their choice of container for a $1.49 Slurpee fill-up.

Story highlights

  • Bring your own large "cup" for a $1.49 7-Eleven Slurpee
  • Any sanitary container less than 10 inches in diameter is fair game

(CNN)Bring your own beaker, goblet or vase and slurp it up.

7-Eleven is hosting the first Bring-Your-Own-Cup Slurpee Day at United States stores from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday to kick off peak Slurpee season.
This shot at brain freeze isn't free, but customers at participating stores can fill their "cup" of choice for $1.49, the average cost of a medium Slurpee.
    Note: A garbage can is not a cup. In-store displays with a 10-inch-diameter hole will rule out anything too ridiculously large for Slurpee consumption, and cups must be sanitary.
    But within those parameters, pretty much anything goes:
      "From sand buckets to trophies, customers can unleash their creativity by bringing in their choice of a unique, fun Slurpee cup," said Laura Gordon, 7‑Eleven's vice president of marketing and brand innovation, in a statement.
      The promotion isn't to be confused with Free Slurpee Day, traditionally celebrated each July 11.