Los Angeles actress finds sweet success with baking

Sweet taste of success
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    Sweet taste of success


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Story highlights

  • Beatrice Tsang worked in finance and as an actress before becoming a baker
  • Her Baby Bea's Bakeshop in Los Angeles count celebrity clients among her customers

(CNN)Whenever she would feel stressed or under pressure, Beatrice Tsang would head to her kitchen and bake a batch of something delicious.

But it took no less than two career changes for the founder of Baby Bea's Bakeshop in Beverly Hills to finally turn her passion for baking into a job.
Tsang started her professional life in marketing and finance, before the bright lights of Hollywood lured her away from the tedium of Excel spreadsheets, and she embarked on an acting career.
    However, the unpredictable work schedule of the movie industry came as a shock after the structure of corporate life. So while at work as a bartender one evening, her colleague suggested that she use her love of baking to turn it into a profession.
    "With auditions, you get two hours' notice to run across town and one day you're a mom and the next day you're a teenager. It was just constantly changing every day, and I wanted to have something of my own again, something that I could control, something that I could create," she says.
    Tsang started reading blogs about baking, and realized that she could recreate just about anything she could imagine out of sugar and butter. She posted her creations online, and her friends became her first customers.
    From there her business developed quickly, and within two years Tsang went from baking in her own kitchen to providing cupcakes for the launch of Pharrell Williams' fragrance, and the wrap party of Breaking Bad, a hit U.S. series. She says that sales of her pastries, some of which retail at $8, have been growing steadily, and she expects to double her profit in 2015.
    "Once I start working and once my hands are in it, I could be there all night, and I can always find something wrong, and always something to fix. Once you love it, time just flies," she says.
    The baker admits that she had a lot of family support when she was launching her business, and is quick to dispel any fantasies about achieving instant success.
    "I could not have done this on my own," she says. "I don't know if everyone out there is as lucky as I have been to have such a strong support system. And if you don't have it you have to find it somewhere, you have to find partners, you have to find mentors, because it's a lot to take in."