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A federal judge in Texas declined late Tuesday night to lift an order he issued in February that temporarily blocked President Barack Obama’s controversial immigration actions from going into effect.

In a 15 page ruling, U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen said he “remains convinced” that his original findings – halting programs meant to ease deportation threats to millions of eligible undocumented immigrants– were correct.

The ruling, a victory for Texas and 25 other states bringing the challenge, will come as no surprise to Justice Department lawyers who have already asked a federal appeals court to lift the February order. A three judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear arguments on the issue on April 17.

In a separate order Tuesday night, Hanen expressed displeasure with the government for misleading the Court as to the timing of the implementation of one of the programs. “Whether by ignorance, omission, purposeful misdirection, or because they were misled by their clients, the attorneys for the Government misrepresented the facts,” Hanen said.

In a statement Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton praised the ruling saying,

“The Obama Administration’s blatant misrepresentations to the court about its implementation of expanded work permits for illegal immigrants under the President’s lawless amnesty plan reflects a pattern of disrespect for the rule of law in America,”

Hanen asked the government to supply more information on the issue by April 21.

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