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Mitt Romney on Monday night found himself once again in the exclusive club of the 0.1%.

This time, though, Romney’s elite status has nothing to do with his multi-million dollar fortune, and everything to do with the results of the NCAA tournament.

Romney’s bracket ranked 6,326th out of the more than 11.5 million brackets filled out on, meaning he scored better than 99.9% of all entrants. A Romney source shared this weekend the former presidential candidate’s bracket with The Huffington Post.

Romney’s top ranking came after Duke University took home the trophy over the University of Wisconsin in the NCAA final Monday night.

Romney correctly picked the Final Four teams and six of the Elite Eight.

And in an apparent nod to his $10,000 wager to Gov. Rick Perry during a 2012 Republican presidential debate, Romney joked on Twitter Monday that he “should have put $10,000 on my bracket.”

President Barack Obama came closer to the 47% Romney spotlighted in a video that set back his prospects in the 2012 presidential election. Obama fell just below the 40th percentile with his bracket that had predicted the University of Kentucky would defeat Villanova University in the final.

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