'Underwater Babies'

Updated 10:22 AM ET, Tue April 7, 2015
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In his latest book, "Underwater Babies," photographer Seth Casteel one-ups the cuteness factor found in his previous underwater portraits of dogs and puppies. Seth Casteel
Casteel's photos of babies and animals have been featured in The New York Times, National Geographic Magazine, The Washington Post and the "Today" show. Seth Casteel
Casteel partnered with swimming schools and organizations that promote child water safety to arrange the photo shoots for "Underwater Babies." Seth Casteel
"Chubby-cheeked, curious, and mischievous, these tiny swimmers remind us all of the joy of discovery -- and the irresistible beauty of babies," the book's jacket proclaims. Seth Casteel
The photographer hopes to bring more awareness to water safety education for children with the book. Seth Casteel
"I strongly advise parents to consider all of the amazing benefits of infant swimming lessons and to choose a program that is right for them and their child. Participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% for children under age 5," Casteel writes in the book's introduction. Seth Casteel
The babies' parents were present for the photo shoots, along with water safety professionals, to ensure the children's safety and comfort. Seth Casteel
Casteel sought to capture in his photographs the unique facial expressions of each child as they encountered the water. Seth Casteel
Some of the babies wear a simple swimming diaper for their photographs while others don elaborate swimsuits, bathing caps and goggles. Here, Valentina holds a colorful prop. Seth Casteel
The photos in the book may call to mind the iconic cover for Nirvana's 1991 album "Nevermind." Casteel thanks the band and photographer Kirk Weddle in the book's "acknowledgments" section for "introducing swimming babies to pop culture!" Seth Casteel
Formerly an ad man, Casteel's career photographing underwater started when a dog he was taking photos of jumped into a pool unexpectedly. Seth Casteel
After Casteel's dog photos were featured on Reddit, they went viral, and a new career was born. His photo books include "Underwater Dogs," "Underwater Puppies" and now "Underwater Babies." Seth Casteel