Filipinos flagellate, crucify themselves in Holy Week ritual

Updated 1:02 AM ET, Fri March 25, 2016
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Each year, a small number of worshipers in the fervently Catholic Philippines mark Good Friday by being nailed to crosses and whipping their backs bloody, in extreme acts of devotion that attract thousands of spectators. Ted Aljibe/Getty
Not for the weak of heart: Penitent Ruben Enage wails in pain as he is nailed to a cross by devotees wearing costumes of Roman centurions in the village of Cutud, Philippines on April 3, 2015. Ted Aljibe/Getty
The dominant Roman Catholic church does not condone flagellation or crucifixion, but some devout Catholics say it is a means of atoning for their sins. Ted Aljibe/Getty
In addition, believers say flagellation, or pamagparaya, is a way to bring themselves closer to God. Ted Aljibe/Getty
Penitents walk towards crosses as they whip themselves on April 3, 2015. Ted Aljibe/Getty
A penitent is nailed to a cross on April 3, 2015. Ted Aljibe/Getty
A man whips penitents during celebrations on April 2, 2015. Ted Aljibe/Getty