Ethiopia: Fashion forward?

Updated 11:01 AM ET, Tue March 31, 2015
inside africa ethiopian fashion hand weavinginside africa ethiopian fashion hand weaving
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Ethiopia is renowned for for its intricately woven cotton fabrics. CNN
Fabrics are mostly woven by men, who use their hands and feet to create their rich tapestries. CNN
Local fashion designer Fikirte Addis is starting to get attention from buyers abroad. She cites Ethiopian fabrics -- and the stories woven into them -- as her source of inspiration. CNN
Addis also finds inspiration in the colorful local markets. Ethiopian-made scarves are a popular export, and she likes to sometimes use them as a base for her dresses. CNN
Ethiopian-born fashion model Liya Kebede is more than just a pretty face. She launched her own fashion label, Lemlem, in 2007. Her designs are influenced by her heritage and are made from fabrics handwoven in Ethiopia. Mike Coppola/Getty Images/Fie