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From head-turning looks to cars

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Elo used to be a successful male model

In 2001 he founded the London Motor Museum which today has over 200 cars

Elo also customizes cars for clients across the world

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Former male model Elo used to make a living from his good looks.

But after modeling for 10 years the self-confessed car nut had earned enough money to indulge his passion.

He started by buying several cars, as well as customizing them for clients across the world, and in 2001 he founded the London Motor Museum. Today is has nearly 250 automobiles.

“When I was modeling, the best part of my modeling career was (that) I was expressing what my client wanted me to do,” he says.

“I still express what (clients) want me to express, but this time in a three-dimensional form with an engine and an exhaust and some wheels. And that is ultimate satisfaction.”

During his fashion model days, Elo owned seven cars and would drive a different one each day of the week. What started as a passion gradually demanded more and more of his time, and after a while Elo felt that he came to a crossroads.

“I had to weigh between continuing modeling or stopping modeling to just do cars. So I chose the latter,” he says.

“My friends told me ‘You’re absolutely crazy, look at all these beautiful women, look at all this traveling around the world.’ And I’m like ‘Are you out of your mind? Look at that beautiful steel!’ That’s the best.”

Today, the car-lover’s collection includes gems such as the 1937 Lincoln Zephyr, and a low-riding customized Cadillac which used to belong to Snoop Dogg – the so-called “Snoop de Ville”.

But what gives Elo the most satisfaction is something less material: the feeling of freedom.

“When I drive a car, I feel like I am leaving all my worries behind, and it’s just staying behind whilst I’m going forward,” he says.