Germanwings: Your 6 key plane crash questions answered

Germanwings questions and answers
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    Germanwings questions and answers


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Story highlights

  • CNN received hundreds of questions about the Germanwings plane crash
  • Reporters and experts responded with answers to the most interesting ones

(CNN)When we asked our viewers to tweet their questions about the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, we received hundreds of responses. We put them to our experts and here are answers to six of the most interesting ones.

1. " Does the rate of descent tell you anything? If co-pilot was determined to crash, why would he set it so slow?"
2. "New cars can stop themselves before a crash. Why isn't there tech to prevent a plane from landing anywhere but the runway?"
    3. "Why don't we have live cameras on planes, so when we detect something wrong, we can help the innocent and take over and help?"
    4. "Is there a possibility the plane was hacked, and that the co-pilot was framed?"
    5. "[The] plane was presumably full of fuel, why wasn't there a fiery explosion upon impact? Does the wreckage show any burn marks?"
    6. "What about under the influence of medication or other drugs? How often do they go through drug screening?"