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Updated 4:38 PM ET, Mon March 30, 2015
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Winners have been announced in the 2014 Military Photographer of the Year competition, which honors the best photography by U.S. service members. This photo, taken by Air Force Staff Sgt. Vernon Young, shows Staff Sgt. Kyle McGann, an explosive ordnance disposal technician, climbing into a mine-resistant vehicle during blast-pit training on March 16, 2014. Young, a photojournalist with Airman magazine, was named Military Photographer of the Year for his work in 2014. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
U.S. Navy Lt. Jaclyn Trosper celebrates after winning a card game on February 17, 2014, while awaiting deployment to Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
An off-duty U.S. Army soldier hits golf balls in Afghanistan on March 29, 2014. Military members try to maintain a healthy balance of physical and social activities during their deployments. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
A U.S. Air Force pilot flies a F-16 Fighting Falcon below a KC-135 tanker while being refueled in midair on June 29, 2014. The Fighting Falcon is a compact fighter that is highly maneuverable and has proved itself in air-to-air combat and air-to-surface attack. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Damion Kennedy shares a laugh with an Afghan man as he helps oversee a base detail project April 8, 2014, in Afghanistan. Kennedy and many of his fellow soldiers developed strong connections with Afghans during their deployment. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Josh Martin, an aerial gunner with the 438th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron, provides rear security on a Mi-17 helicopter in Kabul, Afghanistan, on May 31, 2014. The squadron and the Afghan air force have combined training efforts to help Afghan helicopter crews work seamlessly in support of ground forces in combat. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
An Afghan man spends a moment alone in a military planning room before serving tea to soldiers on June 11, 2014. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
This photo montage by Young illustrates how the Afghan air force evacuates its wounded and fallen personnel. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
Young was also recognized for these collected photos about Staff Sgt. Chantel Thibeaux, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2014 during her first class as an Air Force technical school instructor. Thibeaux kept her spirit and disarming candor despite juggling Air Force duties, motherhood and chemotherapy. Staff Sgt. Vernon Young Jr./U.S. Air Force
Soldiers assigned to Palehorse Troop, 4th Squadron, 2nd Calvary Regiment, traverse rough terrain in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, on February 10, 2014. The operation, a joint effort between Palehorse troops and the Afghan national army's 205th Corps Mobile Strike Force, required reconnaissance patrols in villages around Kandahar Airfield. Sgt. Harold Flynn/U.S. Army
U.S. Army Rangers assigned to 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, fire a 120 mm mortar during a tactical training exercise January 30, 2014, at Camp Roberts, California. Rangers train constantly to maintain the highest possible level of tactical proficiency. Pfc. Nathaniel Newkirk/U.S. Army
Members of the Air Force's Special Tactics Training Squadron plunge into a swimming pool with their hands and feet bound before bouncing up to the surface to breathe. The drown-proofing exercise teaches students to remain calm in water during a stressful situation -- a skill that is vital during real-world operations. Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen/U.S. Air Force
A 22nd Special Tactics Squadron airman climbs a ladder into a CH-47 Chinook helicopter hovering over the ocean on June 20, 2014. Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen/U.S. Air Force
Air Force cadets toss their caps in the air as U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds fly in Delta formation overhead during the U.S. Air Force Academy's graduation ceremony May 28, 2014, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Staff Sgt. Larry E. Reid Jr./U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Nadia Rowell poses for a portrait March 15, 2014, at the Joint Readiness Training Center in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Service members at the center receive training in patient care and medical evacuation in a simulated combat environment. Master Sgt. John R. Nimmo/U.S. Air Force
The photo illustration won a first-place award for showing how family and friends can reach out and help a service member get treatment for mental-health problems. Airman 1st Class Devin N. Boyer/U.S. Air Force illustration
Air Force Capt. Sarah Evans jumps rope in a gym in San Antonio in August. She was diagnosed with cancer while deployed in Afghanistan and was medically evacuated back to the United States, where her left leg was amputated. Master Sgt. Jeffrey Allen/U.S. Air Force