Training ISIS' foes

Published 5:09 AM ET, Wed March 25, 2015
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Sons of Liberty International trainers oversee the training of Syrian militiamen. Sons of Liberty International
Members of the SOLI-trained Nineveh Plain Protection Units march in formation. Sons of Liberty International
Militiamen recruits receive firing range training in Chamchamal, Iraq, from SOLI instructors. Sons of Liberty International
A commander overseas recruits trained by SOLI instructors. Sons of Liberty International
Militia recruits fire from a prone position under the instruction of SOLI trainers. Sons of Liberty International
Tony Sinnott and Yakhi Balak from the 1st North American Expeditionary Force attend a liaison meeting with Peshmerga Brigadier General Hajar Osman Ismael and his deputy. 1st NAEF
A member of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces looks at a cloud of smoke rising from buildings in a village east of the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk in March 2015. MARWAN IBRAHIM/AFP/Getty Images
Peshmerga fighters stand next to an ISIS sign at the entrance to the northern Iraqi town of Hawija, south of Kirkuk in March 2015 after they reportedly re-took the area from ISIS jihadists. MARWAN IBRAHIM/AFP/Getty Images
The Iraqi governor of Kirkuk, Najmiddin Karim stands on a trench alongside Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in the city of Kirkuk in March 2015, after the Peshmerga fighters reportedly re-took parts of the area from ISIS. MARWAN IBRAHIM/AFP/Getty Images
Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters pose for a photo with an ISIS flag in the village of Sultan Mari, west of the city of Kirkuk, in March 2015. MARWAN IBRAHIM/AFP/Getty Images