From skyscraper to 'plyscraper': The tower blocks made from wood

Published 5:55 AM ET, Wed March 25, 2015
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Vancouver-based architects MGA recently completed the a 29.5m (97 feet) wooden building (pictured) -- the Wood Innovation and Design Center in Prince George, Northern British Columbia.
Courtesy of MGA
MGA's Michael Green says new engineered woods allow for greater strength and heights in buildings. Courtesy of MGA
Austrian architects Rudiger Lainer and Partner plan to construct a 84-meter (276ft) wooden skyscraper in Vienna next year. courtesy Rudiger Lainer and Partner
Architects C.F. Moller have designed a 34-story, wood-framed residential tower for the center of Stockholm, as part of a design competition. courtesy CF Moller
A timber specialist at the engineering group ARUP says the real savings from wood come when all the cost elements of making a tall building are taken into account. Keeping the wood exposed saves on the cost and time of installing finishes. Courtesy of MGA