The smart and safe way to ride

Meera Senthilingam, for CNN

Updated 8:52 AM ET, Wed March 25, 2015
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SafeBoda is a new startup providing safe and efficient boda boda rides for those in need of quick travel across the city. Drivers are fully equipped with road safety gear. Meera Senthilingam/CNN
Safeboda includes a new app enabling locals in Kampala to hail boda boda motorbike taxis at the click of a button. SafeBoda
Boda Bodas are a staple of Ugandan transport and can be found on every street corner throughout Kampala. Meera Senthilingam/CNN
Helmets are worn by all drivers and provided to all passengers to reduce the rates of head injury associated with boda boda accidents. Meera Senthilingam/CNN
SafeBodas can be hailed at the side of the street as usual, in addition to being requested through the smartphone app. Meera Senthilingam/CNN
The SafeBodas standout from standard boda drivers through their high visibility jackets and helmets. Meera Senthilingam/CNN
The Start-up is run by Alastair Sussock (left) and Ricky Rapa Thomson (right) whose goal is to professionalize transport first in Kampala then across Uganda and other African countries using boda bodas. They are pictured here talking to a driver on his patch in Kisementi. Meera Senthilingam/CNN