CNN exclusive: Inside U.S.-South Korea annual war games

Published 12:07 AM ET, Tue March 24, 2015
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A Blackhawk helicopter takes part in joint military exercises between U.S. and South Korean forces. The joint drill, known as Foal Eagle, is conducted at a military training complex at Northeastern City of Pocheon, less than 24 miles (40 km) away from North Korea. K.J. Kwon/CNN
About 200,000 South Korean soldiers and 3,700 U.S. soldiers are estimated to be participating in Foal Eagle. North Korea has been reacting harshly to the drills, calling it a practice for invasion. K.J. Kwon/CNN
U.S. and South Korean soldiers carry an injured soldier to a helicopter as part of the joint military exercise. K.J. Kwon/CNN
Soldiers tend to an injured soldier inside a helicopter. K.J. Kwon/CNN
Soldiers survey the area before staging a landing as part of the military drills. K.J. Kwon/CNN
South Korean Army armored vehicles move at speed during the military maneuvers. K.J. Kwon/CNN
The annual exercises practice military drills designed to deter conflict on the Korean peninsula. K.J. Kwon/CNN
The exercises and "war games" are monitored via live video, allowing South Korean and U.S. forces to improve communication and cooperation. K.J. Kwon/CNN
A South Korean tank fires at a target in the mountains. K.J. Kwon/CNN
U.S. soldiers look for cover during drills in open terrain. K.J. Kwon/CNN
The two-month long drills are scheduled to end on April 24. K.J. Kwon/CNN