Our commutes to work are getting longer, study says

Story highlights

  • A new Brookings study says proximity to jobs is declining
  • The lack of proximity forces longer commutes in both distance and time
  • Metro areas will have to work across jurisdictions to solve problems, the study says

(CNN)Think it's taking you longer to get to work? Has your job moved farther from your home?

You're probably right on both counts.
A new study from the Brookings Institution says the number of jobs within a typical commute distance for residents in major metro areas of the U.S. fell by 7% between 2000 and 2012.
    Despite trends that indicate a greater desire for millennials to live in dense urban areas, suburbs are still doing well, according to some researchers. Employers have tended to move toward the suburbs, away from city cores -- and away from many workers, the study says.
    Moreover, even if you already live in the suburbs, it doesn't mean you live close to the suburb where the jobs are.