Alaska discovery may solve mystery of missing family

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  • Clothing and what appear to be human remains have been found in Kenai, Alaska, police say
  • Items along a wooded trail may be from a family that went missing in May 2014

(CNN)The disappearance of a young woman, her two children and her boyfriend confounded police last year. Now, remains found in southern Alaska likely show their tragic fate.

"As much as we would have liked to [have] closed this story earlier, we're glad that they were found," Kenai Police Department Lt. David Ross told reporters Monday.
He said authorities are still working to identify the remains, but that all signs point to them belonging to the missing family.
    A police officer walks to a temporary camp where officials are working to identify remains of what Kenai police think are a family missing since May.
    Rebecca Adams, 23; Michelle Hundley, 6; Jaracca Hundley, 3; and Rebecca's boyfriend, Brandon Jividen, 38, disappeared in May. The family's dog, Sparks, also went missing.
    "It appears that, from what we can tell, there are four people in the human remains. There is clothing consistent with what we know to be missing from the residence. There is the remains of a dog that is consistent in size with the dog that is missing," Ross said.
    Investigators set up a temporary facility Sunday after finding the remains.
    "There's also a handgun that was found at the scene. That handgun matches in serial number a box from the residence that had that serial number on it," he added.
    A driver traveling down a wooded trail Saturday night found the remains and clothing.
    Rebecca and the two girls were last seen on May 18, 2014, police said.
    But Lanell Adams said she spoke with her sister, Rebecca, around May 27, according to CNN affiliate KTUU.
    "She sounded distressed," Lanell Adams said of the phone call. "She had to get off the phone quickly, she couldn't tell me what was wrong. She told me that she just wanted me to know that she loves me. And I haven't heard from her since."
    Police found Rebecca Adams' wallet and cell phone still inside the home, and the family's landlord said their breakfast food was still sitting out on the table, KTUU reported.
    Adams and Jividen's vehicles remained parked behind their home, KTUU reported.
    The FBI joined police from multiple jurisdictions in the investigation.