Poetic souls celebrate World Poetry Day

(CNN)Poets and poetic souls celebrated World Poetry Day on Saturday by sharing their favorite verses with fellow masters of rhymes in the Twitterverse.

UNESCO proclaimed March 21 World Poetry Day in 1999 with the aim of reviving interest in poetry, encouraging poetic activities and supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression.
Since then, it has become a celebration and expression of our humanity, and its complexity, diversity and creativity.
"Poetry is an intimate expression that opens doors to others, enriching the dialogue that catalyzes all human progress, weaving cultures together and reminding all people of the destiny they hold in common," UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova said. "In this way, poetry is a fundamental expression of peace."
    Renowned and emerging bards took to social media to compose, read and recite verses using the hashtag #WorldPoetryDay. Some expressed dissatisfaction and criticism of social ills. Others shared joy, called for action or simply manifested their ability to type and think in a metrical form. Many of the results were nothing short of magnificent.
    Here are some of this year's masterpieces. If you feel inspired, join in and share a poem on social media using #WorldPoetryDay.