Hannibal Buress: I've gotten death threats over Cosby

Story highlights

  • Hannibal Buress says he's been threatened since his Bill Cosby routine went viral
  • Buress told Jimmy Kimmel that one death threat came from "bodybuilder-slash-stripper"
  • It turned out that he and the other person had a mutual friend, he added

(CNN)Those Hannibal Buress jokes about Bill Cosby? They've been no laughing matter to Buress, he told Jimmy Kimmel.

"It's definitely a weird situation," the comedian said on Wednesday's show. "I get a lot of messages from people about it."
Well, maybe some of them are a laughing matter.
    One of those messages, Buress continued, was a "death threat from a male bodybuilder-slash-stripper on Facebook."
    And there was a twist: He and the bodybuilder had one mutual friend.
    It made for an awkward situation, Buress said.
    "Having to hit your friend up and say, 'Hey, man, can you tell your buddy to stop saying he's going to murder me?' "
    Buress kickstarted the recent Cosby controversy by referencing the rape allegations against the "Cosby Show" star in a routine. One video of Buress' stand-up went viral.
    Since October, when Buress' video was posted, more than 20 women have made or reiterated abuse claims against Cosby. Cosby himself has not directly addressed any of the accusations. His attorney, Martin D. Singer, has called the accusations "ridiculous."
    Buress, a star of "Broad City" and "The Eric Andre Show," is currently on a comedy tour.