Exclusive: Marvel goes to 'War'

By Henry Hanks, CNN

Published 6:38 PM ET, Fri March 20, 2015
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Marvel is revisiting its 2006-2007 storyline, "Civil War." As you can see in this exclusive art, there are even covers reminiscent of those in the original series. Leinil Yu/Marvel
The original "Civil War" dealt with the debate of freedom versus liberty, and will be adapted into a movie, "Captain America: Civil War," out on May 6, 2016. Leinil Yu/Marvel
"Secret Wars" is a sequel of sorts to the most popular Marvel crossover of the 1980s. Steve McNiven/Marvel
It's all part of the new "Secret Wars" mega-storyline which will have lasting effects on Marvel's series, canceling 33 series when all is said and done. Leinil Yu/ Marvel