CNN Student News - March 20, 2015

CNN Student News - 03/20/15


    CNN Student News - 03/20/15


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March 20, 2015

Today's coverage begins with a pair of presidential proposals, including an executive order and a suggestion to mandate voting. Then, science takes over in reports on celestial events, extraordinary auroras, and miniature satellites that are mapping our world. We'll feature a random segment involving rats and Mozart, and we'll show you a car that literally can fly.
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1. Rescue workers in what Pacific island nation described a scene of absolute devastation after a massive cyclone made landfall last weekend?
2. What was the name of the cyclone that made landfall in the answer to question 1?
3. Name the legislative branch of Israel's government, which is also known as the Israeli parliament.
4. What Italian city, which features 409 bridges, is slowly sinking and tilting to the east?
5. What U.S. city just logged its most seasonal snowfall since the winter of 1872?
6. What kind of weapons were outlawed in warfare in 1925, though they have been used in some conflicts since then?
7. Name the ancient region of the Fertile Crescent that many historians consider the "cradle of civilization" and that stretched over what is now the nation of Iraq.
8. Habib Essid is the prime minister of what North African country, whose capital witnessed a terrorist attack at a museum on Wednesday?
9. What celestial phenomenon occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth, casting its shadow over our planet?
10. A 1990s study found that rats more quickly and effectively find their way through mazes after repeatedly hearing music from what composer?
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