Empowering women: A new spin on calendar girls

Updated 12:17 PM ET, Mon March 23, 2015
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Moni Basu is a reporter for CNN Digital who appears in the Saris to Suits calendar. Many of her news stories focus on her native India and women's empowerment. Saris To Suits/Anne Dapore
Patti Tripathi is a former anchor for CNN Headline News and the founder of Saris to Suits. She hopes the women profiled in the Saris to Suits calendar serve as role models and inspirations for all women. Saris to Suits/Anne Dapore
Kulsoom Abdullah is a Pakistani-American Olympic weightlifter and was the first woman to compete in hijab at the world weightlifting championships. She has a doctorate in computer engineering from Georgia Tech. Saris To Suits/Anne Dapore/John Joseph Revisky
Manjula Aggarwal is former senior vice president of the software company Cvent. Aggarwal, who is of Rajasthani heritage, finds loving homes for stray dogs. Her own dog, Buddha, is from the streets of Gurgaon, India. Saris to Suits/Anne Dapore
Nina Davuluri is the first Miss America of Indian heritage. She launched a social media campaign called "Circles of Unity" to encourage dialogue on diversity. Saris To Suits/Anne Dapore/Miss America Organization
Dr. Tina Chandra and her daughter Rayna, 15, appear in the calendar photo for September. Chandra is a Florida dentist who supports many community and cultural causes involving women, girls and health. Saris To Suits/Anne Dapore/John Joseph Revisky
Shruthi Reddy is the founder of "Reddy, Set, Yoga!" The Telugu-speaking former attorney has also provided legal support for victims of domestic violence. Saris to Suits/Anne Dapore/David Wiskowski
Amrita Saigal is of Punjabi-Tamil descent. Born and raised in Boston, she has a mechanical engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Harvard. Saigal developed a manufacturing process to make affordable sanitary pads from waste banana tree fiber for use in rural India. Saris to Suits/AnneDapore/John Joseph Revisky
Viji Reddy is a multimedia artist who markets her own brand of linens and products under the brand Aalamwaar. She works with an Indian NGO to employ rural women to do much of the embroidery work for her products. Saris to Suits/Anne Dapore
Emily Shah speaks Hindi and Gujarati fluently and wants to be a star in Hollywood and Bollywood. She was the youngest Miss New Jersey USA and finished in the top 20 at Miss USA 2014. Saris to Suits/AnneDapore/Emron Ah