Ig Nobel 25th anniversary gallery

Published 6:17 AM ET, Wed March 18, 2015
Ig Nobel ponytail galleryIg Nobel ponytail gallery
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The Ig Nobels seek to highlight research that first makes you laugh, then makes you think. This year marks their 25th anniversary Don Arnold/Getty Images
A team of physicists went all the way back to Da Vinci's observations, who perceived the flow of water around obstructions as not dissimilar to the movement of hair. Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Goldstein, speaking at Brunel University, make no attempts to hide his hair envy. Neil Graveney/Brunel University London
Speaker on the tour David Dunstan conducted a long term investigation into the homing properties of garden snails, throwing them over the garden fence and using tip ex on their shells to identify the number of times they returned. PATRICK PLEUL/AFP/Getty Images
Ig Nobel founder Marc Abrahams spoke about the awards at Brunel University London ahead of the 25th anniversary ceremony on September 17. Neil Graveney/Brunel University London
Marc Abrahams seen in his role as compere at the Ig Nobel prize-giving ceremony at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. JOHN MOTTERN/AFP/Getty Images