Holiday hotspot brings family business success

By Alex Court and Diane McCarthy for CNN

Published 7:30 AM ET, Wed March 18, 2015
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With its clear water and golden beaches, Mauritius is a popular tourist destination. 103,606 travelers visited the island nation in January 2015 compared to 96,332 in January 2014 -- an increase of 7.6%. Courtesy Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority
The island country also has a reputation as a great place to do business. SKC Surat, the country's fresh fruit and veg market leader, started off on this small plot of land next to the Surat family home. CNN
While SKC Surat's first retail outlet was a small market stall like this one, the firm now operates six supermarkets. CNN
Part of this expansion came from supplying fresh oranges, apples, and plums -- fruit which doesn't grow in the country's tropical climate. Shane Smart/Volvo Ocean Race
These days, Surat's distribution center can hold 1,300 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables -- volumes which mean the supermarkets can get the produce they need at the right time. Food Lovers Market (Mauritius)
"Family is family, but work is work," says the company's CEO Suren Surat. "[The business] is really sacred for us I have to say, and at the same time it's keeping the family together." David Cannon/Getty Images
The current owners plan to pass the enterprise onto the next generation whilst maintaining the leadership structure the CEO explains in one line: you can't have 10 captains for one ship. Shane Smart/Volvo Ocean Race
But it isn't just this fresh produce operation that's booming on the island. Estimates say the Mauritian economy grew by 3.5% in 2014 and will top 4% in 2015. Shane Smart/Volvo Ocean Race
And the World Bank ranks Mauritius higher than Japan, France and Spain when it comes to the ease of doing business. CNN