Fleeing poverty and violence in Honduras

Published 9:58 AM ET, Wed March 18, 2015
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Alexis González, a 16-year-old Honduran, lost his right leg when he fell off a cargo train in Mexico while trying to migrate to the United States. Rafael Romo/CNN
This is González's adobe house in the town of Omoa, Honduras. González says he decided to leave because he and his eight brothers and sisters are so poor sometimes there's not enough food for everybody. Rafael Romo/CNN
Monsignor Rómulo Emiliani celebrates a mass dedicated to children and peace at the San Pedro Sula Cathedral. Emiliani says the plight of the migrant children is a national and regional disgrace. Rafael Romo/CNN
A girl prays at the San Pedro Sula Cathedral. Rafael Romo/CNN
Statues of children-like angels decorate a building in rural Honduras. Rafael Romo/CNN
Members of the Honduran Military Police patrol the Chamelecón neighborhood in San Pedro Sula, the city with the highest murder rate in the world. Rafael Romo/CNN
A child drives a makeshift horse-drawn carriage in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Rafael Romo/CNN
Fishermen go out to sea as night falls in Puerto Cortés, Honduras. Rafael Romo/CNN