The Revolutionist

Published 6:48 AM ET, Wed March 18, 2015
Milumbe Haimbe cartoon Milumbe Haimbe cartoon
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A giant corporation runs the world. Resources are plenty but it grasps 95% if this common wealth in its steely grip. Ananiya watching the supercity from the mouth of subcity Arachnida. Courtesy Milumbe Haimbe
As undercover special agent she hurries through the hallways of the robotics plant, anxious to report her gruesome findings back to the resistance headquarters. Courtesy Milumbe Haimbe
She disembarks at city square, a few precious moments before life as she knows it crashes down all around her and burns. Courtesy Milumbe Haimbe
A 3D model of supercity Arcanarc. Courtesy Milumbe Haimbe
A 3D model of the resistance movement's underground bunker. Courtesy Milumbe Haimbe