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SXSW: Pedicabbing with Darrell Issa
01:45 - Source: CNN
Austin, TX CNN  — 

A stark contrast from the suited and serious man who once grilled potential 2016 democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, this new Rep. Darrell Issa was arguably unrecognizable – bearded and blissfully enjoying the Austin, Texas, sunshine during SXSW interactive.

Issa, a SXSW veteran, was in Austin discussing email privacy and the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Fitting topic for the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, who also during our interview compared the current Hillary Clinton email controversy to Richard Nixon’s Watergate:

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Darell Issa compares Hillary Clinton to Richard Nixon
00:40 - Source: CNN

Suggesting we then hit the road in one of Austin’s classic pedicabs, Issa jumped right in without hesitation.

“Oh, this is so right,” he said, proving once again he’s in a more relaxed state of mind.

While in the pedicab, he discussed a lot of things with CNN (watch the video!). One thing that stood out, other than Issa’s failed attempt to catch a low-flying pigeon, was his reaction to being a a member of the House.

CNN asked the pedicab driver if he’s ever driven a sitting congressman around Austin. Quickly interrupting, Issa said to the driver, “None would ever it admit it, we’re all pretty ashamed of who we are.”

Yes, he was that candid.

Enjoy the above video. It’s not everyday a congressman rides around in a pedicab with a driver who is wearing a flower hat.