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Updated 9:22 AM ET, Thu March 19, 2015
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Think of a concept, and there's probably a Monopoly board for it. That's true even for other games, like "The Legend of Zelda," a Monopoly version of which came out late last year. It's just one of the permutations of the popular board game, which celebrates its 80th birthday this year. USAopoly
City versions of Monopoly have been commonplace for decades, but in recent years there have been subtleties. For example, this edition is devoted not just to London but to the London Underground. Covent Garden station, incidentally, is the Boardwalk equivalent. London Underground Edittion
Can you have a whole Monopoly game devoted to Disney villains? Why not? Yeah, perhaps they should all go to jail, but do you want to tell Cruella de Vil that? Disney
In the Monopoly version of "A Christmas Story," "A Major Award" and "Triple Dog Dare" take the place of Chance and Community Chest. Boardwalk? That's a BB Gun, of course. (Don't shoot your eye out.) USAopoly
The "Doctor Who" edition of Monopoly includes various Doctors' Tardises in place of the railroads. "Take a ride on the Tardis," indeed. USAopoly
Coca-Cola has been a part of the pop-cultural landscape even longer than Monopoly, and you could probably fill a board with just the soft drink's famous slogans. The Coca-Cola Classic Ads Edition has a few, not to mention some of the images to go along with them. USAopoly
The Crazy Cash Edition actually requires batteries -- because it includes a machine that spews Monopoly money and other items. "Construct crazy hotels, trade properties and collect rent to keep the cash flowing," says the promotional copy. Just like real life! Monopoly
Then there's Monopoly Hotels, in which the most two-dimensional game rises into the sky -- with rents to match. It's just like playing New York. Hasbro
The Canadian edition of Monopoly is just like the American edition but far more polite. The street names have changed over the years, though instead of reflecting increasingly expensive neighborhoods like the American edition, in the 1982 and 2000 editions, they simply go from east to west across the country. The 2010 edition allowed players to vote on their favorites and increased rents by a factor of 10,000. That explains the credit cards. Hasbro
The Night Sky Edition turns the focus to the heavens, with planets, moons and other celestial bodies taking the place of the humble Atlantic City streets. USAopoly
The Planet Earth Edition turns attention to some of our planet's landmarks, including such places as the Tibetan Plateau, the Great Barrier Reef and Antarctica. USAopoly
The Here & Now game has two editions: a World Edition, which spotlights cities all over the globe, and a U.S. Edition, which focuses on American locales. Fans will probably be surprised by the Boardwalk choices, which were decided by fan voting. Let's just say the U.S. slot isn't taken by either New York or Los Angeles. Hasbro
And then there are those who would just rather make up their own version of a Monopoly board. For them, there's the Make Your Own Edition. No, the rules still don't allow you to flip the board over when you lose. Hasbro