Avery Wallace through the years

Updated 9:42 AM ET, Wed March 18, 2015
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Avery Wallace, shown at age 3, poses for a picture with sister Riley in 2002. Avery says he knew he was a boy when he was just 2. Family Photo
Avery, 5, smiles outside of his preschool graduation in 2004. Avery says his parents agreed to let him cut his hair short. Family Photo
Avery had short, curly hair at age 7. He says he preferred dressing in boy's clothing. Family Photo
Avery plays baseball at age 8 in 2008. Avery says that his parents never tried to change him or make him act a certain way.
Family Photo
Avery was elected as class president in the fifth grade. Family Photo
Avery, seen at age 10 in 2010, says that at this point, the word "transgender" had not yet come into his mind. Family Photo
Avery wore a suit with a lavender vest to his fifth-grade graduation party in 2010. Family Photo
After fifth grade, Avery grew out his hair to avoid "emotional torture" in middle school. "Even though I knew it never felt right and wasn't me, I did it anyway. I changed myself for the sake of others," he says in a video about his journey. Family Photo
In 2012, Avery told his family he was transgender. He began attending meetings for transgender youth, speaking to therapists and doing as much research as he could. Avery is now undergoing hormone therapy. Family Photo