The movie maker who made her tropical island dream a reality

An adventure in Mauritius
An adventure in Mauritius


    An adventure in Mauritius


An adventure in Mauritius 00:52

Story highlights

  • Lynn Smith used to work in the movie industry in London
  • She changed her career to become an artist in Mauritius

(CNN)Lynn Smith used to lead a fast-paced life as the owner of a London-based film props company.

However her first love has always been art. Taking the plunge into the unknown, Smith decided to sell her business, say goodbye to her friends, and move to Mauritius to pursue a career as an artist full time.
"I was passionate about my business as well, it was amazing, my job was wonderful," Smith says, "but I always wanted to be an artist since I was very, very young. A teacher put me off it at school and I didn't go down that road, and I regretted it."
    Smith chose Mauritius because she had fallen in love with the lush beauty of the tropical island on previous trips to visit her son, who lives there.
    Her studio, where she paints portraits and carves sculptures out of marble, clay and bronze, is by the sea, and Smith says she is endlessly inspired by the natural beauty of her adopted home.
    "I go out every day driving around, every day you see things that are inspirational. Getting up in the morning I sit on the terrace, I look out to the sea, to the islands," she says.
    The artist, who goes by the moniker Lynni, says her new life is a dream come true, but a dream that she created not by wishing for it, but working to make it happen.
    "If you want to do something you just have to get off your backside and do it yourself because nobody else is going to do it," she says.
    "All my life I blamed that careers teacher and then I realized it was stupid to blamer her, it was my fault. I didn't follow my dream. And it got to the stage where I realized it's time to follow my dream," she adds.