Suspect tried to hide by spray-painting his face, police say

Police in Madera, California, say Jose Espinoza spray-painted his face black in an effort to evade capture.

(CNN)A suspected car thief in Madera, California, spray-painted his face in an effort to hide from police.

According to Corp. Josiah Arnold, Madera police located a stolen car parked suspiciously next to an apartment complex. After learning that police were investigating the scene, the suspect, Jose Espinoza, ran to his nearby home, Arnold told CNN.
Information gathered at the scene led officers to Espinoza's home, where the suspect spray-painted his face in a last-ditch effort to evade capture.
But there was one problem.
    "He spray-painted his face black and attempted to hide against a white wall in the home's yard," Arnold said.
    Espinoza has been charged with unlawful taking or driving of a vehicle and receiving stolen property.