'Buffy' star arrested on charge of criminal mischief

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  • Nicholas Brendon of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" has a recurring role on "Criminal Minds"
  • His representatives say he "has been suffering from a lifelong desolation due to childhood trauma"

(CNN)Nicholas Brendon, the actor who played Buffy's sidekick Xander on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," was arrested Friday on a charge of criminal mischief and property damage in Tallahassee, Florida.

The actor, who has a recurring role on the CBS show "Criminal Minds," was in Tallahassee for a comic book convention.
Tallahassee Police encountered Brendon, 43, at a hotel "in a state of confusion" with toothpaste on his face, rips in his clothes and pants wet from an overflowing toilet he allegedly caused, according to a police report.
    When officers checked the room, they found overturned furniture, the phone torn off the wall and water flowing from the bathroom to the hallway, the report said. In another room where Brendon was staying, they found a "prescription pill bottle" with one pill left out of 10 that had been filled earlier that day.
    Hotel management asked to press charges, the report said, noting that Brendon was cooperative as he was placed under arrest.
    Brendon was arrested under similar circumstances in October and February.
    His representatives responded to CNN with a statement that said, "Nicholas is battling a disease. He has been suffering from a lifelong desolation due to childhood trauma and he is finally coming to terms with what happened and where he sees himself in the future. This is the first time in his adult life that he is able to admit his troubles publicly, and he wants to do so while seeking the treatment that is best for him. This goes beyond a few months in a rehabilitation center, or a quick dose of anti-depressants: Nicholas' struggle will go on for years, but he has a strong support system behind him that will guide him through the uphill battle that is chronic depression."
    It went on, "This past weekend's chain of events was a cry for help. While it's been depicted that Nicholas is a raging alcoholic with an anger problem, that is not the case. In the coming months, as Nicholas seeks treatment and speaks out about his demons, we are hoping to clear up any misconceptions about his character and his illness. Nicholas has sought legal and medical counsel to guide him."