Sunday on State of the Union

(CNN)Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joins us for an exclusive live interview.

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino and Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig on misconduct, misfires, and mismanagement at the U.S. Secret Service.
Jack Quinn was the White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton in the mid-90s and remains a close friend of the Clintons. He'll discuss the political fallout from Hillary email drama.
It's been a week filled with more black and white issues, including the racist frat video and new clashes in Ferguson. We're gathering a roundtable of America's future leaders to discuss racism in America and how the next generation plans to fix it. Elliot Spillers, the University of Alabama Student Government Association President-elect; Jalen Ross, President of the University of Virginia Student Council; Julia Watson, Undergraduate Student Body President at Northwestern University; and Rusty Mau, NC State University Student Body President.
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